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4 Steps To Begin Your House Hunt

4 Steps To Begin Your House Hunt

If you have decided that it’s finally time to search for a new home, then you might be at a loss about where to begin. Read on for four steps that will help you start your house hunt.


Your very first step, before you look at even one house, is to set your budget. Examine your income, your assets (like savings and investments), your expenses and the amount you expect to make from your current home, and come up with a range of amounts that you would be comfortable spending for your new home. Don’t push your limits. You might want to spend more than you can, but you need to be honest about your financial situation.


After you’ve determined your budget, make a list of needs for your new home. Consider numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, office space, layout and number of stories, outdoor areas and square footage. Decide if you are in the market for a move-in-ready home or if you are up to doing some renovations. Think, too, about whether you are listing true needs or only desires. Your budget might not get you everything you want, so focus instead on what you truly need.

Location and Inventory

Next, select a target location for your house hunt, and preview the inventory (homes for sale) in that area by using an online real estate search engine. Mark a few likely options of Smithfield VA homes for sale (making sure they are within your budget).

Real Estate Agent

Finally, to smooth out your house hunt, you might want to hire a real estate agent who can set up showings, advise you about laws and financial requirements, help you make offers and eventually assist you in closing the deal on your new home.

Indeed, purchasing a new house is a complicated process, but if you proceed systematically step by step, you may soon find yourself in your dream home.