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4 Ways Ants Will Take Over Your Home

4 Ways Ants Will Take Over Your Home

The life of an ant seems so simple and organized. But ant infestations can harm a home’s structure and contaminate food and household objects. Over time, you need a pest control expert to handle the problem. Here are 4 ways an unresolved ant infestation could become a serious problem.

Lay eggs and create an infestation

There are tens of thousands of ant species but among those species, the queen ant is the only ant that can lay eggs. Once this happens, ant colonies can infect homes at any level of the house, and when they do, you can expect them to multiply by the hundreds. That’s why you should always address the appearance of even a small number of ants as soon as you see them. Pest control companies have experts who study insect activity and can tell where the ants are in the infestation process.

Spoil and contaminate food

Madison Alabama Pest Control Services would tell you to keep a clean home free of unattended food. Ants will go where they can find food, particularly sugar sources. If you leave rotten or old food out unsealed, you can expect ants to be all over the food. Once these ants find their food, they have the ability to carry up to 50 times their body weight.

Attract other ants

Ants can leave chemicals called pheromones that serve as a trail back to a food source. This is why you often see a group of ants traveling in a straight line to parts unknown. If you see ants traveling like this, it’s worth investigating to see where the food source is. Ants will attract other ants with these pheromones that humans can’t detect. Sometimes, pest control experts will recommend you use common household products to eliminate ant infestations. But sometimes, these products can only accomplish so much.

Stick around for a long time

Studies show ant infestations are determined by weather, rather than pesticide use. So, even if you pour on the products, ants may still stick around for a while. Plus, ants have the ability to last for years. At the same time, there’s a good chance that you’ll never see the ant you saw a moment ago ever again. That’s because ants can live from several months to 4 years, and sometimes longer, depending on the location. In short, insects and ants, in particular, don’t need a lot to survive. That’s why pest control companies might have to schedule multiple visits to your home before your ant infestation problem is gone forever.

Be ready to call for pest control services Madison. You don’t need an ant infestation in your home. At the very least, ants are a hassle that carries germs and contaminate food surfaces, among other problems. These creatures are so tiny that it takes expert pest control companies to handle an infestation. The next time you see a single ant, do your own inspection, and then prepare to call pest control if necessary.

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