5 Incredibly Useful Tips For your Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl wood floors are about as close to indestructible as flooring can get. With the right care, they can last up to 20 years and are scratch resistant, stain resistant, and fully waterproof, making them a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. However, to maintain that wood look and sensation, almost indistinguishable from the real thing, here are a few tips on making sure you take good care of it.

Read the installation guide

Different vinyl wood flooring types will have different installation methods. Some have to be stuck to an underfloor using glue and some simply fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When you’ve decided on the type you want, look at the luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer’s website, where they should have an installation guide to tell you everything you need to know.

Keep it easier to maintain with a quick daily dust

Luxury vinyl floors are very easy to clean, but they are still prone to attracting dust and debris, just like every other floor. When that dust builds up, it can mix with spills and moisture to stick to the floor. Simply remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner and you should be fine.

No need for anything too fancy when it comes to cleaning

Once a week, you should clean your vinyl wood flooring with a damp mop. You don’t need anything other than warm water and a simple, neutral detergent. As such, you should avoid abrasive powders, acetone, solvents, oil-based products, wax, varnish, or steam cleaners. Vinyl wood flooring is already prepared to withstand the rigours of home life and using these products can break down the protective barriers that make them so resilient in the first place.

Mop up stains as soon as possible

Luxury vinyl is stain resistant, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely stain-proof. What it does mean, however, is that you have a much better chance of cleaning it up before any particularly harmful substances have the chance to discolour the surface. Spot cleaning with a nylon pad should be enough. For thicker stains like ink or tomato sauce, diluted alcohol can be applied before rinsing with water, while rubbing white spirit on a cloth then rinsing with water will clear away any pen or marker stains.

Protecting your new floor

Scratch resistant and sturdy enough to handle plenty of force, your vinyl wood flooring should live out its lifespan in relative peace. However, whenever it’s first laid, it needs a little time to settle. Placing felt pads under heavy furniture can stop them from imprinting when you first install it. Rubber isn’t as effective a choice as it can leave marks when things shift around. Once the panels have settled, you should have no need to worry about scuff or scratch marks. Provided that you take the minimal care steps that they require, your vinyl wood flooring should last you up to two decades with nary a scratch or patch of discolouration to worry about. Just follow the tips above and make sure you check the manufacturer’s site and you should be just fine.

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