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7 Benefits For Air Purifier

The claims made by air purifiers seem promising: they clean the air at home and get rid of dirt, dust and animal hair. The fact that indoor air contains pollutants higher than the outdoors, the allegations made by air purifiers have already succeeded in attracting a lot of people. However, how effective is this tool?


Air purifiers usually contain multiple layers of filters, suction fans and air rotation. When the air moves to the filter, pollutants and molecules are picked up and clean air is ejected again. Air purifier filters are usually made of paper, fiberglass or grid, and need to be replaced regularly to work optimally.

This means, apart from buying an air purifier, we also have to allocate operational funds to replace the filter. How long a candidate can be used depends on usage and device type. Some filters can be reused after washing, but require more attention.

The COV pandemic, which is not over yet, makes us need to take good care of our health. One of them by ensuring that the air at home remains clean. This makes air purifier very useful for daily use.

So what’s an air purifier? What benefits to human life, especially in terms of health?

This time, we summarized the air purifier, the benefits-rich air purifier. Come on, let’s check out the following.

What are air purifiers or (جهزة تنقية الهواء) like?

An air purifier is a device that has a technique for cleaning the air in the room.

Different from the AIR Conditioner (AC), this tool does not emit cold air, but emits pure air free of dirt.

Normally, an air purifier is equipped with an air filter. The filter will turn dirty air into cleaner air.

Benefits of home air purifier

Air purifiers are also said to be effective in removing viruses, bacteria and germs scattered in the air. Therefore, we can breathe cleaner air.

Additionally, there are also many other benefits to the air purifier. What are they?

1. Purifies viruses and bacteria

There are many diseases that can be transmitted through the air. This occurs because air molecules can carry bacteria and viruses that cause diseases, such as influenza and cough.

To ensure that the air at home remains clean and healthy, we can use an air purifier. This tool has a technology that can filter dirty air and replace it with cleaner air.

2. Eliminate bad smells

An organization tested the function of an air purifier using several odor measurements. Through this test, it has been proven that an air purifier can filter bad odors in the room.

Smelly air usually contains molecules that are not good when inhaled.

Well, the air purifier works by filtering these molecules before returning them to cleaner air.

3. Removes harmful chemical gases in the air

In addition to viruses and bacteria, air purifiers can also remove harmful chemical gases inhaled by us. This chemical gas can originate from different sources, such as pollution and gas from floor cleaning liquid, insect repellent and much more.

Moreover, accumulated chemical gases can be harmful to health, especially if we are in a closed place with bad air circulation.

Well, the air purifier works to make sure your family is safe and free of harmful chemical gases.

4. Improve sleep quality

Air purifiers can also filter allergens into the bedroom, such as bacteria, mold and dust mites that cause allergies and sleep disorders.

By inhaling cleaner air, it can make us sleep healthier and more quality, you know.

5. Allergy relief

Air purifiers can also reduce sensitivity by filtering allergens, ranging from pollen, dust and much more.

Furthermore, this tool works by filtering allergens so that the air is clean and free of allergens.

If these soiled particles are allowed to be inhaled through the nose, it is not uncommon to sneeze and cough more easily until the nose runs out of water.

6. Removes harmful radon gas

Radon is a dangerous colorless and odorless gas. This gas is usually emitted through building materials, such as soil, granite and rocks

If we inhale it constantly, it can be harmful to health, including the risk of cancer.

Well, the air purifier has a HEPA filter, which can lock up radon and gas. Then turn it into cleaner air.

7. Relieves asthma symptoms

Air purifiers are also very useful in reducing the severity of recurrence of the disease I do not suffer from asthma.

This tool is equipped with a HEPA filter, which can filter contaminants, such as dust, pollen and pet lint.

Thus, the air in the room will be cleaner. If we inhale pollutant-free air, it will certainly be beneficial for lung health.

These were some of the advantages of the air purifier that you will get through the effective function of the good air filter from this tool.

Feel free to start using an air purifier to filter air in your home. However, be sure to choose the right tool by reading these tips first.

Are air purifiers effective?

The short answer is yes. However, the air purifier will not remove or neutralize all irritating particles in your home. In fact, many molecules can last for a long time on surfaces, such as furniture, bed sheeting, carpets, as well as hard surfaces such as walls.

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