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A Quick Guide for Hurricane Preparation

A Quick Guide for Hurricane Preparation

You do not want to be caught unprepared if you live in a hurricane zone. Before the season begins, you should have a solid strategy in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Reduce the risk of property damage and physical harm. Read this article to pick up a few tips on how to plan for hurricanes effectively.

Build a Hurricane Kit

First, you will want to stock up on supplies. For food, you need non-perishable goods that do not require a lot of preparation. Canned goods with a pull tab are an excellent option. It is also a good rule of thumb to have three days’ worth of water. Remember, water does not last forever in a plastic container, so make sure you check the expiration date occasionally. It’s also essential to have first aid supplies, light sources, batteries, simple tools and a radio in your hurricane emergency kit. If you take prescription drugs, make sure to keep an extra supply handy as well.

Reinforce Your Property

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural forces on the planet. Some property damage might be unavoidable, but you can take some steps to prevent it. Consider installing impact resistant windows West Palm Beach and storm shutters to protect from flying objects and strong winds. Get rid of any trees or branches that can turn into a wind-propelled missile. Make sure there are no leaks or cracks in your home that can let water in. Finally, scan your surrounding property and get rid of anything not bolted or tied down.

Living in a hurricane-prone area requires some planning and preparation. This article is not a definitive guide to severe weather situations. Consult with professionals in the construction and insurance industries to better understand how you can protect your family and property from hurricanes and other inclement weather.