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Here’s Why You’re Always Cold at Work

Here’s Why You’re Always Cold at Work

Have you ever dressed in a light blouse and skirt on a warm day, only to arrive at the office and find that someone set the thermostat to “arctic?” It seems that the balmier the weather gets, the colder office buildings tend to skew. There are some reasons for this wintry indoor freeze, and some ways to feel warmer despite the chill.

Why Is It So Cold at the Office?

First off, you’re cold because, well, it’s cold! If you’ve ever felt like you were going crazy feeling frosty about the thermostat, rest assured that you are probably correct: Most offices are indeed kept at low temperatures, especially during the warmer months. Chicago HVAC contractors make sure temperatures can be kept low enough to prevent any employees from overheating. It is easier to add a sweater than to remove a shirt, after all. Another reason offices are kept chiller is because of research done in the ’60s that determined a comfortable temperature for an “average male.” Remember, offices used to be dominated by men in business suits.

What Can Be Done?

The way your body responds to hot or cold temperatures depends greatly on factors like gender, body fat, activity, and clothing. Some of these factors can be manipulated to help you be more comfortable when the temps fall. Depending on your work culture, you may be able to bring a jacket or even a blanket to the office. Researchers have found that warm-toned lighting can help trick the body into feeling warmer. Of course, the best option would probably be to talk amongst your coworkers and see if you can turn off the air conditioner for a bit. This can help reduce costs and even fight global warming.

If you aren’t able to change the temps, take comfort in knowing that a little chill can bring health benefits like weight loss and mental alertness. Being cold at work is a phenomenon that is experienced by people all over, but these tips can help you be more comfortable despite the freeze.

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