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How To Save Money on a Kitchen Renovation

How To Save Money on a Kitchen Renovation

When you’re considering updating your kitchen, you want to choose beautiful upgrades without going overboard. You want your kitchen to look beautiful, but you also don’t want to spend more money than necessary. Here are some ways you can save money on your kitchen renovation.


The biggest mistake the homeowners make when renovating their kitchen is replacing the cabinets regardless of their condition. If your cabinets are in solid condition and just need a facelift, then it’s going to be much cheaper for you to sand and paint them or have them refaced. Additionally, sometimes giving the cabinets a good wash and changing the hardware is enough to breathe new life into them.

Counter tops

If your counter tops are a bit outdated, consider refacing them instead of tearing them out. You can get kits that help you completely transform the way your counter tops Jackson MS look by using an epoxy layer on the top of them. You mix whatever colors you want into the epoxy or use foils to add your color and texture. One of the best parts about using an epoxy finish on the countertops is that it adds another solid layer to the counter tops so that they can last a very long time.


If your appliances are old and aren’t working very well, you’ll likely want to replace them. Instead of going to a major retailer to purchase new appliances, consider going to a used appliance store. They refurbish appliances and sell them for a fraction of the cost, and they usually come with a warranty.

However, if your appliances work just fine, but aren’t the best looking, perhaps you could reface them. You can purchase kits online where you use a solution that you paint onto the appliance or use what is basically a large sticker that you put on. When done correctly, the finish is flawless, and you would never know that it wasn’t the original finish of the appliance.