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Learn How Homeowners Care For Their Septic Tanks

Learn How Homeowners Care For Their Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are installed when a home or business cannot be hooked up to a municipal treatment line. Often, these homes or buildings are outside of the city limits and this is the only way their wastewater can be treated and contained. Septic tanks are made of multiple materials and they are buried into the ground where they collect wastewater from the property. Once the tank becomes overly full of sludge, which happens every three to five years, the tank needs a septic system pumping milton fl

How Does a Septic Tank Work

Homeowners need to educate themselves on how septic systems work so they will know the proper steps to maintenance. These underground systems are highly efficient and self-contained. They break down solids from wastewater through an anaerobic process. These systems are generally very simple in design and include only a few components. 

As the wastewater enters the tank, the solids generally drop to the bottom and begin to break down over time. The top layer includes scum which is the layer where fats, soaps, and other contaminants rise to the top. The middle layer is clean water. This water flows out of the drain field and is properly dispersed into the ground. Any sludge or scum that is left behind will slowly build up in the tank and need to be pumped out before it overfills. 

How Are Septic Tanks Cleaned

There are four major contributing factors that determine how often a septic tank needs to be pumped. Family size, the amount of wastewater that is generated, the volume of solids, and the tank size are all factors. Having the septic tank cleaned out every few years will prevent an influx of raw sewage from entering the home through the drains and toilets. 

To have the septic tank cleaned, homeowners need to call the professionals. This is not a DIY project and should never be carried out without the right skills and equipment. The plumber will first locate the septic tank and expose and open the cover. If the septic tank is a dual tank, both covers will need to be opened. The plumber will hook up their drum pumping vehicle to the tank so it can be drained quickly. This process does not take that long.

Before the tank is pumped, it would be wise for the homeowner to ask the plumber to measure the level of scum. The depth of the scum level will help homeowners to determine how long they can wait between cleanings. During the appointment, it is also important homeowners discuss any problems so they can be repaired right away. 


Having a septic tank cleaned out on a regular basis will help to protect its lifespan and prevent repair issues from arising. It is vital homeowners have their tanks cleaned well before they become overly full. The signs of fullness include sluggish drains, overgrowth of grass in the drain field area, and sewer smells in the backyard. If these are occurring, pumping needs to be carried out right away. 

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