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Plumbing Technologies Transforming The Plumbing Business

Plumbing Technologies Transforming The Plumbing Business

The plumbing industry has developed advanced technologies to improve work efficiency. New technology is revolutionizing how basic plumbing interacts with our homes. Listed below are ways technology has transformed the plumbing business.

Going Green

Green technology is essential to businesses and homeowners. People are always on the lookout to establish ways to save money and water. Recent plumbing technology provides options to save power, save water, and eliminate toxic chemicals from various aspects of plumbing.

Such options include:

  • Water-saving toilets: Low flush toilets use minimal water compared to traditional washrooms.
  • Water-saving showers: They provide the required water pressure for the morning shower and reduce the volume used to take a shower.
  • Energy-efficient solar water heaters: Using solar power to heat water for home use reduces the amount of gas and electricity needed. Solar panels are installed on the roof, and water passes underneath the panels and gets the heat.
  • Tankless water heater: It is an on-demand water heating system that heats only the required volume of water and thus eliminates wasted energy. They save a considerable amount of energy costs.

Video Cameras

The plumbing system is usually hidden under floors, walls, and underground, making it extremely hard to identify the problem source. Video cameras equip the plumbers with the ability to view the underground pipe activities. The surveillance cameras are usually waterproof and can assess the sewer lines and drains to give the technicians a real-time video image of the occurrences.

Video cameras minimize the possibility of guesswork by allowing the plumbers to look into the internal pipe conditions and identify potential problems without digging up the yard.

Smart Irrigation Systems

These systems use digital technology to control various irrigation functions. The system is usually connected to a mobile application which allows for operating, remotely managing and scheduling the garden irrigation. Such devices save a substantial volume of water that would otherwise be wasted in an ordinary sprinkler system as they are highly convenient.

Greywater Recycling Systems

The greywater recycling system is a significant advancement in water conservation technology. It allows homeowners to recycle the water that has been used; that is, it recycles water that has not come into close contact with human excreta and waste. The water which has already been used to wash dishes and clothes is filtered and treated for reuse.

Leak Detectors

Most homeowners find it demanding to pursue maintenance chores and keep track of various repairs. It is usually common to overlook serious issues such as a brimming water leak. Leak detectors can alert a homeowner regarding critical leaks. Installing leak detectors in areas susceptible to leaks is crucial to prevent severe property damage.

Flood Sensors

Flood sensors function the same way as leak detectors. They detect water in the house and alert homeowners of potential flooding. Flooding is a significant problem in properties with a basement. People residing in regions that experience heavy rainfall have to seek help from an expert to handle such issues.

Bluetooth Showerheads

Digital technology gives homeowners a great shower experience. The users of Bluetooth showerheads connect to bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones and listen to their preferred music. One may also answer phone calls while showering.

Sensor Faucets

Sensor faucets use technology that allows for a touchless experience. Such faucets are widespread in kitchen sink faucets due to their sheer convenience. The touchless faucets minimize the risks of spreading germs, and most consumers continue to show interest in the recent plumbing technology.

Smart Shower Panels

Such panels are an upgrade from ordinary ones. The water temperature is precisely regulated, and the shower is turned on and off with the voice command. The pressure and flow of water spray are controlled easily.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilet technology is the most impressive invention in the trenchless sewer pipelining business. They perform several tasks and come with built-in features for automatic flushing, water conservation, overflow prevention, and automatic deodorizer.

There are a lot of benefits that technology has brought to the plumbing industry. Plumbing industries are using advertising services through social media and Google ads to reach potential customers.