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Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Fire Protection System

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Fire Protection System

Your building’s fire protection system is an important safety feature. It should work properly to detect and extinguish a fire before it starts to spread. Because of this, you must have a system in place that is reliable and up to date.

While scheduling fire sprinkler inspection and testing NYC is a good step in keeping the system working effectively, at some point, repairs may not be enough. Keep reading to learn the signs; it is time to replace this system and protect your building.

The Age of the System

Each year that passes means your fire protection system gets just a little older and more outdated. This also means it does not have all the advanced technology and features that newer, modern systems do.

One of the main reasons you should consider upgrading your system is because pinpoint leaks and corrosion can develop as time passes. This can lead to leaks or clogged pipes. An older fire system may also result in even more damage because it won’t effectively extinguish the fire, leaving you with high repair costs.

The Size of Your Company Is Changing

The fire protection equipment installed in your building is usually based on how many people use the building. This means if your company is downsizing or growing, you need to ensure you have the proper amount of fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and fire extinguishers that are needed for the people who use the building. Also, the total number of people who use the building will impact what fire code you must comply with.

The System Requires a Lot of Expensive Maintenance

If you have issues with your fire protection equipment, it is good to call the professionals to inspect the components and make repairs to any damages present. However, if you have to call the professionals for repairs regularly, it may be time to go ahead and replace the entire system. This will help you eliminate the maintenance costs.

In many cases, it will cost you more money to keep updating your system instead of just getting a new one. If this point has come, it is a good idea to look into replacement options and costs. In the long run, this will help you save money and ensure your building is fully protected in case there is a fire. Being informed is the best way to keep any fire system working effectively and efficiently year after year.

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