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What Are Mobile Laundry Trailers Used For?

What Are Mobile Laundry Trailers Used For?

A mobile laundry trailer is the best solution when electricity and plumbing are unavailable. It can also be used during disaster relief or when a large crew needs to wash clothes. Typically, mobile laundry trailers are set up with bright lights inside and a folding area for ease of use. In addition, the washing and drying process can be done quickly and efficiently without electricity or plumbing. So what are the advantages of a laundry trailer?

Disaster relief

Mobile laundry trailers are a great solution to disaster relief needs. People who have to evacuate their homes usually only bring body articles, but they still need clean clothing items. A mobile laundry trailer is an ideal solution for disaster relief needs, as it can provide clean clothes for displaced people promptly. These trailers are also great for outdoor events, where people stay at the location and experience each day. The mobile laundry trailers will ensure that these events are as clean as possible, which can help prevent the spread of disease. When disaster strikes, the ability to provide basic amenities for the workforce is critical. Emergency workers may have limited access to water, food, and power. Mobile laundry trailers can help these workers maintain their hygiene without relying on outside resources. Additionally, they can serve as a convenient location to perform their daily laundry. In the wake of Hurricane Irene, disaster relief teams dispatched portable laundry trailers to help with relief efforts. After the storm, the group provided showers and laundry facilities to displaced people in various camps. The portable restroom trailers also proved to be invaluable to the recovery efforts. The mobile laundry trailers were used at various relief camps across the affected area in the following months.


Mobile laundry trailers are great for a variety of situations. They’re perfect for situations where there are no amenities like electricity or plumbing, such as disaster relief. They can also be a great option if there’s a large crew at an event. These units have many convenient features, including oversized doors, LED lighting, and a folding area. Depending on the model, you can even add an AC unit.

Portable laundry trailers are easy to set up and come with all necessities for an efficient and convenient laundry service. In addition, they come with six commercial-grade washing and drying machines. Because of their waterproof construction, there’s no chance of standing water – a potential slip and fall hazard – at a disaster site. And because they’re made from quality materials, they can even be customized to include AC units. And, if you need more space, you can attach your trailer to a living area to increase its efficiency.

Stackable floor plans

Mobile laundry trailers can be purchased in various sizes and floor plans. For example, you can purchase a sixteen-foot model with four stackable washers and dryers or a thirty-foot trailer with ten stackable washers and dryers. In addition, numerous models combine washers and dryers to create a complete laundry service. The layout is flexible and can be changed to accommodate your specific needs.

Stackable floor plans for mobile laundry trailers can be built for six to twelve units. A four-unit trailer can include a mechanical room that contains the water pump and onboard fresh water holding tank. A seven-unit trailer can accommodate seven stackable gas washers and dryers. These trailers can also include an on-demand LP gas water heater. Some models feature oversized axles to accommodate larger vehicles. Ten-unit laundry trailers can also be purchased with a built-in grey waste holding tank and dump valve on the tongue end.

Advanced wash cycle options

The units are available in various options, depending on your needs and preferences. These mobile laundry trailers have top-of-the-line building materials and features. For example, their interiors are made of water-resistant materials that do not rust, and they drain fast to avoid standing water, which can be a slipping and falling hazard. In addition, because they use top-notch building materials, these units can be equipped with AC units, oversized doors, and roof vents. Some models are even attached to living quarters, meaning you can wash and dry your clothes anytime. You can even stay in them for as long as you want.

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