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When to Call a Gate Repair Company

People that maintain a very tight security, whether in their commercial or residential properties, might have installed a security gate.

These gates are often equipped with advanced locking devices and mechanisms, preventing invaders from entering the property.

But for a gate to be more functional, you must ensure it is in tip-top shape every time. That is because damaged security gates may not help serve the purpose.

Mostly, issues with security gates go undetected. And apart from that, failing gates may lead to injuries. So if you observe any of the following signs, then it is time to call upon an electric gate repair service:

1. Incorrect Tracking

Security gates running off their tracks when closing and opening is definitely not a good indication. Using your security when it doesn’t track properly can lead to a total system shutdown.

It can also go off the tracks and lose its stability completely. This issue can happen when the tracks are damaged and worn or when the rollers haven’t been lubricated well.

You can look at the visible indications of wear or tear and apply lubricant regularly on the gate’s moving parts. But if this step doesn’t solve the issue, then it will be high time to call upon a gate repair company.

2. Misaligned or Sagging Gate

You may have noticed that both sides are aligned if you have a double gate. This often happens if the hinges have been worn out.

Well, this doesn’t make your security gate look out of sorts. You may also have difficulty latching them shut.

Apart from worn-out hinges, your security gate can be sagging because of sinking posts and other structural problems. These may cause more issues in the future, like the following:

  • Pulling down connecting structures
  • Double gates colliding with each other

3. Rust

Security gates are normally made from wood, aluminum, or steel. If your gate is made of aluminum and steel, you will have to pay more attention to rust-related signs.

If you stay near the seaside or an area experiencing rainy days, rust can be something you have to be aware of.

Once you notice any change on the gate’s surface, you must act fast. You can use sandpaper to get rid of rust. But be sure to call an expert if there are spots of rust that look serious.

4. Weird Noises

Among the common signs, homeowners notice first before calling a gate repair firm is those weird noises when closing or closing their gates. The weird noises you hear can give you a clue about the problem.

For example, if you start hearing a screeching sound, it means the gate’s motor is dirty, or you didn’t apply lubricant properly. And if you hear a grinding sound, there is an issue without mechanical components.

The Takeaway!

Your residential or commercial gate is an important part of security to help you keep intruders out. Whether it is a backyard fence, front door, or other entrances for pets and people alike, you will be putting yourself at risk if your gate doesn’t work well. So if you notice either of these signs, ensure you call upon a gate repair expert.

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