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Having Fun Designing Your New Bathroom

Having Fun Designing Your New Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is a project that can be done in a day, a week, or longer than that depending on the details that you want to change. When you decide that you want to remodel this essential room in your home, try to make a plan so that you know what kind of materials you need and the details that you want to include that might not be in the room at the time. Here are a few ideas to consider to achieve the bathroom that you desire.

Since the bathroom features water from multiple sources, consider a beach theme. Use a seashell design for the tiles on the floor or as accent designs along the counters. Colors that you could use include blue, green, and light orange.

If you want a sophisticated bathroom with clean and pristine details, then consider a room that is almost all white. You can search online for any bathroom remodeling services kernersville nc companies in your area. You’ll want to include lines on the floor and walls that are clean along with a few splashes of color, such as a plush rug on the floor.

On the opposite end of the spectrum would be designing a black bathroom. This is an elegant design to consider and one that works well with warmer accent colors, such as brown, red, or orange. A few pictures can be displayed on a wall for a simple pop of color.

Adding pebbles in your shower in a design on one wall or in a straight line offers a coastal feeling as soon as you step into the tub. You can also put pebbles on the shower floor. Another option for remodeling the shower would be to add a waterfall. Large stones can be placed on the wall with the waterfall for a spa-like feeling or a natural appearance. Put a wooden seat in a corner of the shower along with a tropical showerhead.

Metallic colors are a popular trend in bathrooms. An option would be to hang an oval mirror with a brass or chrome frame over the sink. The color of the mirror should blend with the other colors used in the room. You can then change the hardware and fixtures to match the color that you choose so that all of the details flow together.

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, don’t be afraid to use bright colors and bold designs. A honeycomb pattern is a fun idea to use on one or more walls in the bathroom. The door to the bathroom can be painted a bright color with fun geometric shapes, such as a triangle or a diamond. Position a ladder against one wall that’s painted white or a color that matches the other details in the room. Complete the fresh new look with colorful rugs, curtains, and decorative details on the walls and the countertops or shelves.

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